what are remnant fabrics?

when mills/brands like ermenegildo zegna manufacturer 10 000 suits for their ready to wear collections there is often fabric left over at the end of this process, this is remnant fabric.

why we use remnant fabrics

we use remnant fabrics for two main reasons, extreme cost efficiencies and environmental impact

  1. cost efficiencies: remnant fabrics are the exact same fabrics that you will find in the highest end tailors and luxury stores, the only difference is we source it at a steep discount meaning we can deliver the exact same product you would find at a high end tailor, only cheaper.
  2. environmental Impact: as remnant fabrics are already made and would otherwise go into landfills, we alleviate this potential impact by putting these fabrics to use. by using remnant fabrics we also do not contribute to any new ordering of fabrics and the large environmental impact this causes.

the fabrics

  • suiting & blazers: we source our suiting fabrics from only the finest name brand italian & british mills some of these include emeraldo zegna, vitale barberis canonico, holland & sherry and lora piana. These fabrics come in a range of weaves, weights and compositions: from super 120 wools to silk and linen blends we have an excellent range of high quality cloths for every occasion.
  • trousers: our trouser fabrics come from a range of suppliers, we use mostly italian made fabrics. Our trouser fabrics are available in a range of linens, wools, cashmeres and cotton with something suitable for every occasion.
  • shirting: our shirting fabric are sourced exclusively from the finest italian mills, some of these include canclini and albini. our shirting cottons come in a range of weights, weaves and styles.