running repairs

has the christmas turkey gotten the better of you? feeling the squeeze of your trouser waistband? at casual fitters we offer free running repairs and alterations on all our garments. so whether your shirt, trousers, suit or blazer needs altering or fixing we are here to help.


you can either:


book a repair session online


drop into the store


Or send us an email at


types of repairs or alterations we offer on casual fitters garments

  • trouser waist letting out (within garment allowance)
  • trouser waist taking in
  • trouser hem shortening
  • trouser hem lengthening (within limits)
  • slimming trouser leg
  • re fastening buttons to trousers, shirts, suits or blazers
  • suit jacket taking in
  • suit jacket letting out (within limits)
  • don’t see the alteration or repair you require here? don’t hesitate to get in touch at